Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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A Brief Introduction:
Seattle Tilth

Q: Who are they?

A: Seattle Tilth, a community-based organization of farmers, gardeners and consumers dedicated to organic gardening, conserving natural resources and supporting local food systems.

Q: Where are they?
A: The Pacific Northwest, USA.

Q: What's their mission?
A: “The mission of Seattle Tilth is to inspire and educate people to garden organically, conserve
natural resources and support local food systems in order to cultivate a healthy urban
environment and community.”

Q: What have they already done?
A: Built Demonstration and Children's Gardens in Seattle, WA. Created books and articles on organic gardening, resource conservation and even raising chickens. Organized Seattle Tilth's Edible Plant Fair and Harvest Festivals Created a nationally-recognized Master Composter Program

Q: What are they doing now?
A: Educating public about organic gardening, sustainable agriculture and resource conservation
through classes and workshops, Public demonstrations including annual festivals and fairs
Advising Northwest Gardeners on best practice through Garden Hotline.

Q: How do they define Sustainability?
A: Minimizing natural resource use is paramount, but support of the idea that “food is a cultural,
not a technological product”, as suggested by farmer and poet Wendell Berry, is vital to sustaining healthy urban and rural communities.

Q: How do I learn more?

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