Saturday, October 11, 2008

A tale of two Sustainable Wallingfords

Sustainable Wallingford - UKA recent article in the Ballard Journal by Katherine Luck titled "Sustainable Wallingford's British connection: Grassroots Seattle group partners with U.K. counterparts in climate change survey" shows how is really is possible to think globally but act locally. The two Sustainable Wallingfords (Sustainable Wallingford - UK and Sustainable Wallingford - USA) found each other online and it's been a successful match ever since. Both organizations have missions around community level sustainability and both view climate change as one of their key issues. Here at Sustainable Seattle we've seen a lot of sustainability efforts move from high level connections to more local level initiatives so maybe its time for the idea of 'sustainable Sister Cities' to move over and make way for 'innovative namesake neighborhoods'. Photo via Ballard Journal

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