Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Organizations | International | Net Impact

Net Impact is an international organization with a mission to use business to improve the world. The organization invites people to look at sustainability in a holistic manner by hosting national/international conferences, sharing information on its website, and raising awareness through engagement with businesses. While it has its roots in business schools, Net Impact also has professional chapters in cities, such as Seattle and Geneva, involving people who are inspired to make a difference through CSR, social justice, non-profit development, environmental sustainability, etc.

Seattle chapter has more than 100 members who gather regularly to discuss what’s happening in the world of sustainability around the globe and in their own neighborhoods. Through their commitments, they aim to inspire people around them to act on the causes that they are passionate for.

Activities they have done in the past include, Green Drinks, Green Festival, and cause-based dinners and more. Professional chapter also interacts closely with the academic chapter in the University of Washington through networking events.

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